The management of aorto-iliac vascular disease in candidates for kidney transplantation: a worldwide survey among transplant surgeons

E. Rijkse, H.J.A.N. Kimenai, F.J.M.F. Dor, J.N.M. IJzermans, R.C. Minnee

Wednesday 4 march 2020

16:20 - 16:30h at Theaterzaal

Parallel session: Parallel sessie VI – Klinische abstracts

Background: Aorto-iliac vascular disease (AIVD) is becoming more common among kidney transplant (KTx) candidates resulting in technical and ethical concerns due to accompanying cardiovascular disease. We performed a survey among KTx surgeons regarding the management of patients with AIVD.

Methods: A survey was constructed and spread among 939 transplant surgeons. The survey contained baseline questions and 2 vascular complex cases where respondents could decide their management based on patient details and a contrast-enhanced CT-scan video.

Results: 147 KTx surgeons replied. 71.4% worked in a hospital where

Conclusions: Major differences exist in the approach towards KTx candidates with AIVD. Referral to a higher volume center might increase the chance of receiving a transplant for a patient with AIVD. Also, consultation with a KTx surgeon with vascular specialty training might increase the chance of KTx. A consensus meeting is recommended to discuss a guideline on the management of AIVD and KTx.